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We created Balassa Films in 2017 after more than 25 years of experience producing in dozens of countries with multiple networks, distributors and international brands, for millions of people in the world.

The effect of this experience left the founders, artists and producers of this studio, the need to create a space of freedom, creativity, openness, responsibility and action to develop global, powerful and meaningful content for all screens, media, platforms and venues.


In the film industry, which has been the original motivation of the founders and the essence of their creation, we have participated as associate producers, executives, co-producers and producers of short and feature films, documentary and drama projects that impel us to continue creating synergies for the production of global films.


The multi-award-winning artists and producers who develop and produce in our team have been an essential part of television projects such as Big Brother in Mexico, Killer Women (Mujeres Asesinas), HBO's Heroes Among Us, Drugs (Mi Adicción Mi Maldición) for Discovery, and Beyond Boundaries (La Expedición más allá de lo imposible) nominated to the 2011 International Emmy Awards.


In live events, the executives behind the company have produced the ARIEL Ceremony (Mexican Academy Awards) for the Mexican Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences (AMAAC) since 2014 at the Palacio de Bellas Artes and at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City.


The producers and creators that make up our team have won dozens of international awards at Promax & BDA, and have been nominated for the International Emmys, Gold Panda Awards in China and for the Latin Grammy.

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